Mini Movie Review’s 3

Hi guys I have seen a lot of movies and would love to share my views about it. The below are the movies which I saw recently, I loved some and hated some…… so let’s begin…..

Recently I have been seeing lot of Malayalam movies as they are realistic . Kuruthi isn’t a master piece but definitely is a good film. I have seen far more better thrillers than kuruthi but I liked it for the way the makers have dealt with the sensitive topic like how people develop hatred with in themselves on the name of religion and pass it on to the next generations . Coming to the performances Prithviraj nailed it , what a terrific actor he is and the next best was Mamukkoya I loved the senior actors role. Rest of the cast played their part pretty decently. This movie is available in amazon prime. Rating:3/5

If you got lot of money you can just donate it , why to make crap films like Suicide Squad 2. The whole film was utter nonsense and Ratcatcher was the super hero with the dumbest super power . I could enjoy just one fight of Harley queen which lasted for 5 mins. I don’t understand why so much of Violence is shown in super hero movies. Rating:1/5

This is the Bio-Pic of one of the Kargil war hero Vikram Batra. We can see how brave our hero’s are and how they happily sacrifice for country through films and Shershaah is one good film which is a perfect tribute for Captain Vikram Batra.

The movie was well made, the war sequences were realistic and natural. Siddarth has done a good job and his chemistry with Kaira was good enough to make the viewers emotional in a particular scene. All in all this a good film to watch on this Independence day. Watch it on Amazon Prime. Rating:3/5

This film did not impress me as much as it’s trailer did. The film was dragged too much , I could enjoy only 10-15 mins scene which was shot in the metro station and more than that the film has nothing more to offer. Ajmal was not at all suitable for the role as psycho and Nayanthara could not do justice as a blind girl . If interested you can watch the film in Hot star Rating:1.5/5

SR Kalyana Mandapam is a one time watch film. It is a Father and son sentiment movie. The movie is all about Kalyan trying to save SR Kalyana Mandapam which is their family pride.

Kiran as Kalyan was good in the role of the son where as Sai Kumar nailed it as the father. The chemistry between the lead pair was just okay and the cast who played as Kalyan’s friends were good. Rating :2.5/5

What happened in Bhuj can be shown in the most emotional and thrilling way, either if it was the bombing of the air base or if it was repairing the Bhuj runway to get the extra force to help the 120 soldier fighting against the 1000+ Pakistani soldiers . The bravery of the 120 soldiers was shown excellently in the movie border but the effort of the Vijay Karnik and the local villagers to repair the runway was not at all shown in engaging way in BHUJ, in one word to tell it was hopeless.

Why do you need unnecessary filmy action sequence’s and dialogues for this film.?100’s of films are following the formula, why to repeat it in the patriotic film? These kinds of film should be made to educate the audience in a creative way. Totally disappointed with the cast and and specially Sanjay Dutt , I don’t want to talk about his role, total waste of time. Rating:0/5

I love court room drama’s and started watching Thimmarusu hoping it to be court room drama but more than a court room drama it is a thriller movie which was just okay. It had good story and could have been executed better . The film had good twist’s but were not shown in a thrilling way. Satya dev as the lawyer trying to fight for the innocent was impressive . The love track was boring . Bramaji as the assistant of Satya dev was good and generated laughs when needed. It could have been a good film if taken more care. Rating :2.5/5

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7 thoughts on “Mini Movie Review’s 3

  1. Among all those I know only Telugu movie however I haven’t watched any movies from years may be, awaiting for a good film, please write if anything is good. I prefer nice music n comedy kinda ….😇


  2. Among of your list I only saw Shersaah, it was an excellent movie of the Kargil hero Vikram Batra and yes absolutely Siddartha had done very well.Well written 😊👌


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