A Private Teacher/Lecturer in India.

This teachers day reminds me of my struggles as a teacher/Lecturer. It was considered one of the most easy job to get and do . Actually it was, it was when the managements were ethical and non commercial, it was when society respected them, it was when the parents understood that when teacher/Lecturer punish their Kids, it was only for their good.

The teachers/lecturers are employed non employees as now a days teaching is not acknowledged as a proper job. I blame the government’s also for this pathetic situation of the teachers/lecturers as they are giving permissions to the organizations, institutions and schools to run without proper norms. These days we can see more than 300 colleges in a state , forget about the count of the schools, do they all have the basic facilities for the staff. Are the institutes providing provident funds, medical benefits or at least the salary as per the norms ?The number of institutes beyond requirement had brought down the standards of the students as the students of the present generations understood that any rank which they get in the qualifier will get them seat, then what is the point of the qualifier. When it is so easy for students get into the college he/she doesn’t know the value of educations or teachers. This is because supply is more than demand.

Recently all the colleges are going for Accreditations and inspection to get the autonomous or Deemed university status . It surprises me that even low standard college is being given autonomous status. God knows how is that happening and now a days student are so smart that they are opting to join the automatous colleges even if they are not having basic faculty student ratio or labs because in the autonomous colleges the paper will be prepared by institutes only but not the university. So automatically the pass percent is high even if there are no teachers, no labs…etc. Students just needs degree and colleges are providing them, then where is the importance of the faculty and what value will the student have for the teacher.

I also blame the parents especially mother’s who unconditionally love their kids , I believe that children are not the same in the house and college .Parents should be tracking their children’s activity till a particular age . When a teacher complains that if there is issue with a student if you don’t believe the faculty at least start observing the changes in your children. Do always remember that it is not just the teachers responsibility but also the parents responsibility to check the discipline of their wards .

Do you know that this is the only job where there is decrease of salary with increase of experience , it is un-believable but it is true, I was the example. Even that is fine, but when an uneducated business man who gets the permission to run the college without following the norms as he is relative of a jack ass politician, speaks with you in filthy language and kills your self respect , that day you die as a teacher.

Finally the main culprits are teacher themselves, if you know that no management or students are respecting you then why do you still work there, build up some courage and try to get some job where at least you can get a decent salary and especially a job were you need not deal 60 random immature brains supported by managements and parents. I suggest every sincere teacher to leave their jobs when not respected and yet if you remain to stay in the rotted college with all the insults , half payed salaries and zero security then it is your fault not the others for not treating you well.

Finally Happy teachers Day for those sincere and passionate teachers who follow their passion against all these odds.

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3 thoughts on “A Private Teacher/Lecturer in India.

  1. First of all happy teacher’s day YBR, factful thoughts, I do agree on each of the valuable points you mentioned. Yes tge education system n the respect to teachers isn’t like earlier. Primary responsibility is Parent’s to guide n moniyor on the Child’s behavior or changes. Ecery one’s focus is on onlh to get the pass certificate with the true knowledge on toss. Colleges are becoming commercial anc parents are the great supporters pourinv money with no second thought. Great wtite up.

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